Operational Lean Restructuring

Lean Restructuring

Customer expectations change. Businesses change. Employee requirements change.  Occasionally it is necessary to restructure your operations to remain competitive and accelerate value creation.  Based on strategic readjustments, we help you align and optimize your organizational structures and business processes to ensure you meet your strategic objectives.  If your business finds itself in the situation where a turnaround is required, we help you form operational restructuring plans based to stem the chaos and quickly stabilize the business situation.  Once stabilized, we help you establish a sustainable and powerful culture of continuous improvement.  The end result of our joint efforts is an operational structure that is as effective and efficient as possible.

Customized Training Courses

Lean Manager

  • Top Managers trained in Lean become the driving force in Lean Enterprise implementation
  • Lean Transformation begins when Lean Managers talk the same “language” and are aligned with the Lean implementation initiatives
  • The standardized certification process provides an opportunity to practice what was learned during training and to build credentials

Lean Expert

  • Qualified and certified Lean Experts provide the mortar between system-wide CIP and shop-floor CIP in driving change in the organization
  • The certification process is designed to take the participant on a learning journey from learning, to practicing, to perfecting their knowledge
  • Week 1 of the training focuses on the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Week 2 of the training focuses on the topics of standardization and flow and pull systems
  • Week 3 of the training focuses on Visual Management, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Technical Planning
  • Week 4 of the training focuses on Total Quality Control (TQC) and Leadership skills

Lean Awareness

  • A Lean Enterprise requires that all employees have a basic understanding of Lean principles and problem solving techniques
  • This training teaches the fundamentals of the Toyota Production System at a level that everyone can understand and appreciate
  • After the training, each participant will be able to understand value streams, identify waste, support continuous improvement activities with simple analysis
  • Each participant is trained to be a basic PDCA problem solver

Lean Hancho

  • Empowering leaders at the most basic level of the company ensures CIP at the root level of the organization
  • Hancho Training Module 1: Standardization, Deviation Management and Production Readiness
  • Hancho Training Module 2: Problem Solving & Qualification and Training Others
  • The standardized certification process provides an opportunity to practice what was learned during training to achieve results at the Gemba

A Few Examples of Our Customized Workshops


Workshops involve mapping the current state Value Stream Design (VSM), developing the future state Value Stream Design (VSD), and creating a Lean Master Plant to close the gap between VSM and VSD.  Identifying the key criteria for success and mapping the VSM visualizes improvement Potentials.  The VSD creates a common target for the future state when identified opportunities for improvement and benefits are realized. The Lean Master Plan shows how to close the gap between VSM and VSD, establishing actionable direction and achieving tangible benefits


Line Balancing results in improved material flow, reduced lead time, and optimized headcount.  Line Balancing workshops involve deep analysis of the value-added work on the shop floor (using Standard Work Combination Sheets) to understand which process steps can be optimized to reduce resource requirements (using Takt Time Cycle Time Bar Charts).

Milk Run

Milk run and Kanban workshops can drastically reduce inventory levels on the shop floor  and logistic manpower requirements as well as simplify material replenishment methods. The workshops first involve the creation of a Kanban (pull) system and then standardization of the material delivery mechanisms through Milk runs.


Heijunka and Levelling can significantly reduce inventory requirements of a Value Stream while utilizing manpower and machinery more effectively to meet the needs of varying customer demand.  This is one of the more advanced Lean tools requiring deep understanding of the process and all relevant process variables.

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