Guiding Approach and Principles

The full benefit of a Lean organization is realized only when the entire organization, as a system, aligns itself to the practices of Continuous Improvement. Sustainable continuous improvement mandates participation of all.

We are Committed to the the basic understanding of Kaizen

–We improve the process from the point of view of the product
–We utilize the full potential of our employees
–We make waste visible
–We separate value and waste
–Standardized processes become the basis for Continuous Improvement
–We speak in KPIs, data, and facts
–We visualize and manage our KPIs
–Crises, not chance, breeds the opportunity for improvement
–We communicate the Lean Enterprise strategy with all employees
–We prefer 60% results directly rather than 100% never

Transforming into a Total Lean Enterprise requires a paradigm shift

Highly customized strategy to support your Lean transformation

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